I was shaking and fearful when the guard mentioned that the image of the building was still apparent. So I pushed the mask further on the canvas and almost erased it, but the blue flat sky and the gray flat walls on either side of the painting remained somewhat intact. When the security guard was satisfied, I picked up the painting and returned home.

Now, looking at this painting, I’m thinking about the materiality of painting. That the image is a ​​secondary feature in painting; The materiality of painting connects it to sculpture and separates it from digital painting, photography, and film. A painting is primarily an object, not an image. An object that tells its viewer how, where and why it was made. In this wiped out painting, the mask lint, mask metal scratches, intact parts that show flat colors and have no particular visual value convey a lot of information to the viewer. After the distortion of its visual aspect, this painting, instead of being completely removed or damaged, became a painting with other features. If it lacked materiality like a digital painting, photo or film, nothing would remain of it after wiping out.

Wiped Out Painting, Wiped out oil color on canvas, 30x40cm
Wiped Out Painting 2021/12/21

عضویت در خبرنامه