Ameen Moazami


White Donkey

The painter has seen a white donkey in a farm.

Open Studio in Amanatdaary

November 2023, Rasht, Iran
I had the opportunity to do a project in Rasht, a city in northern Iran. I transformed a small shop in a local marketplace into a painting studio. My chosen subject was the Statue of Mirza Kuchak Khan, a historical figure and a symbol of the city, whose statue stands at the main public square. I challenged this urban monument over the act of painting and drawing. Impersonating a masterful painter, I engaged with the curious passersby who watched me through the shopfront, and sometimes came in to see the artwork more closely. I exposed my vulnerability and faced the constant pressure of being judged by the public who could witness the development of my project without any filter. Whenever they asked me about the purpose of my project, I had to revisit my role as an artist among others. The final outcome was not only the paintings and drawings that I produced, but also the direct contact between a working artist and his audience that unfolded a new and vital challenge.

The Painter on the Streets

I’m impersonating a painter to explore my position as an artist among non-experts.