Ameen Moazami

Urban Still-life

I am always shocked by street weeds. They find a tiny hole in asphalt, stone, or concrete and grow through it. They are everywhere in spring and summer. I learn a lot from them about life. Life is difficult, but we are also unbreakable. We are tougher than we think we are.

Untitled, Watercolor on paper, 35x45cm

These plants teach me to hold on when the situation is grave. In this series of watercolor paintings, I have depicted the humble life of street weeds and how I learn from them to love life no matter what.

Plane shoot, Watercolor on paper, 30x40cm

ٰVisual Poetry

Green and Gray, Watercolor on paper, 23x35cm

I am not just interested in them because of their peculiar situation. Their beauty and humility also inspire me. They are as sublime to me as an ocean or old trees of a forest. In a crowded and dirty megacity, They are the poetry of urban life:

A humble weed lies next to the curb. Its shiny green leaves defy the grayscale background.

Plants and Concrete, Watercolor on Paper, 30x45cm

A Symbol for My People

My people are depressed, exhausted, and angry. But they are still struggling and not giving up. These still-lifes are symbols of their courageous effort to love life and fight for the future.

Lively Plant in Sewage Canal, Watercolor on Paper, 35x45cm