Ameen Moazami

The Painter on the Street

Understanding Tehran

Outside the studio, I paint en plein air throughout Tehran. As an immigrant arriving in the capital of Iran, I leaned towards painting my surroundings by using representation to understand, connect and, at times, conquer the unknown dynamics and underlying relations of a congested and hectic urban center.

Signs, Oil color on Canvas, 30x40cm

Impersonating a Masterful Painter

Ibn Baboo-e Graveyard , Oil Color on Canvas , 30×30 cm

Walking on these noisy sidewalks and exposed to rushed pedestrians, I set up my easel, canvas, and oil color palette, impersonating a masterful painter, to explore my socioeconomic position as an artist in the urban fabric of Tehran through the eyes of non-experts.

Working in Karimkhan, Tehran
Construction Site in Keshavarz St., Oil Color on Canvas , 80x100cm
Deconstruction in Tehran, Oil Color on Wood, 40x30cm
Navabi House Ruin, Oil color on wood, 30x40cm
Construction Site, Oil on Canvas, 30x60cm

I navigated the city and social customs over the act of painting (i.e., alla prima) to initiate an intimate relationship with local passersby who would spend time observing my process and questioning the story of my work.


Drawing of a bridge, Journal page, Ink on paper, 20x30cm
Wiped-out Painting, Wiped out oil color on canvas, 35x45cm
Eghtesad Novin Bank, Oil color on Canvas, 30x50cm
Pars Flowershop, Oil color on Canvas, 24x30cm
Pars Flowershop, Detail
Peykan, Oil color on Canvas, 24x30cm
Red Lamp, Oil color on Canvas, 45x35cm

Painter on the Street (Short Documentary)

Here is the short documentary I mentioned above. It delineates how I painted on Keshavarz Boulevard and how people interacted with me. My method of painting evolved later. I got more skillful and chose different subjects. I would love to paint on the streets again in the future when I am more experienced and have a deeper understanding of the city.

Street Weeds

I paint plants figuratively in multiple observational sessions to find myself plural with human and non-human surroundings. The singular plants, at times weeds growing out of concrete and on the sidewalks, are my stand-in.

Untitled, Watercolor on paper, 35x45cm
Plane shoot, Watercolor on paper, 30x40cm
Green and Gray, Watercolor on paper, 23x35cm
Plants and Concrete, Watercolor on Paper, 30x45cm
Lively Plant in Sewage Canal, Watercolor on Paper, 35x45cm