Ameen Moazami

Prints and Books

My questioning of image production and the role of painting reverberates in my prints, where I try to make my work more accessible.

Everybody is Flying, Etching, Ink on Paper, 10x15cm, 2019


I use printmaking to distribute my narrative artworks among my audience and diversify my viewers. For that, I have used printmaking and bookmaking techniques such as etching and drypoint, as well as digital printing, through which I have published illustrative books.

Materials used in my self-published books are satirical commentaries on my day-to-day interactions with modern art and obstacles in the everyday life of my community.

Journal paper
Down With USA Building, Etching, Ink on Paper, 6x9cm, 2021
Tehran University Entrance, Dry-point, Ink on Paper, 20x25cm, 2018
Latex Glove on Violets, Etching, Ink on Paper, 25x20cm, 2021
Young and Dead Inside, Etching, Ink on Paper, 15x10cm, 2020
Sky is Full of Stars in Daytime, Etching, Ink on paper, 9x6cm, 2021