Ameen Moazami

Coins, Subway Cards and Debit Cards

Reactivating a Common Currency

Reflecting on the financial aspects of my life as an immigrant and the overall economic implications of living and working as an artist, I have used coins and metro cards as a painting surface, reactivating and reevaluating a common currency.

District12- Oil color on coins and gouache on paper- 25x35cm
Tehran1399-Oil color,subway e-card,etching,watercolor,paper-31x47cm
Bahman Theatre, Oil Color on Subway Card, 6x9cm, 2018
American Embassy, Oil Color on Subway Card, 6x9cm, 2018

With sculptural thick texture brush strokes, I have depicted on these surfaces familiar heroic scenes, architectural heritage sites, and urban sculptures, all monuments of a past long gone.