Dry and Wet


Hor Square- Etching and Drypoint, 8cm x 12cm

National Park- Etching, 14.5cm x 19.5cm

Untitled- Etching, 10cm x 15cm

Your toothbrush remains here forever- Etching, 16.5cm x 11.5cm

I am 25 years old and live and paint in Tehran. My first home in Tehran was near the Horh Square. Therefore, for me the symbol of life in Tehran is not the Freedom Tower or the Milad Tower; it’s the Hor Square. A bare man, from an ancient mythology fighting a dragon, while Tehran municipality has installed ornaments and colored paper on it.

I lived in a small one room apartment with two of my friends, and as a result, I had to make small size paintings, or go out and paint En Plein Air. When I went out of the house, I was not usually dealing with nature, but the city. I tried to paint the city so that if it were nature. I usually turned the painting sessions into picnics, especially if I wanted to go to the National Park.

Before I became a painter, I was an Architecture student. The University of Tehran Entrance Gate, to me, was a serious step to become a painter. Every time I look at it, I’m glad not only because it’s beautiful, but because it reminds me of a courageous decision. And, of course, it’s sad at the same time and more for those people who have seen it here for years with its tragic and violent incidents. It’s a symbol of lost hopes, crashes and escapes.

Sometimes I go to my maternal village or go camping with my friends. We tent in nature and lay on the grass. That’s when I paint the nature. Once we went to a villa in north and there were a lot of toothbrushes in its toilet. The water was off and I was looking at the toothbrushes. Each toothbrush represents one person. That’s why people don’t throw out somebody’s toothbrush because if someone leaves a toothbrush, it means they’re coming back one day.

I like looking at pictures of my friends. That’s why I make images of them. Especially when they are happy or disappointed or they are barbering each other. I also like being alone in a room. Especially if I am alone and my room is large and I can do all my work in the same place. Or telling someone to come pose for a painting.

There is a container in my little studio that contains Nitric Acid. At First, Nitric Acid is colorless, but it becomes blue when you use it for etching. It helps me engrave copper plates. For the last few months I breathed some acid gas and thinner and I made twenty two matrixes. The prints are about Hor Square, Tehran, myself, my friends, planes, and other things.

Thank you Mustafa, from Parry, Nitric Acid, the copper mines of Kerman and you who look at my prints.

سلف‌پرتره در حال کار کردن- اچینگ، ۲۵ در ۲۰ سانتی‌متر

Self-portrait while working- Etching, 25cm x 20cm


گالری چاپ‌ها

Here you can see all the prints.

دانشگاه تهران- درای‌پوینت، ۲۰ در ۲۵ سانتی‌متر، ۲۰ نسخه

Tehran University Entrance Gate- Drypoint, 20cm x 25cm


Drawing Club- Etching, 14.5cm x 20cm


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